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Filmind is all about the mind. A creative house for historic dramas, films, television and experience centers, based in Israel. Since its establishment in Tel-Aviv in 1988, Filmind has produced thousands of films and TV commercials and created numerous campaigns. The company is responsible for the creation and content of well-known and award-winning museums and visitor centers. With an experienced management team and a strong pool of unique talents, Filmind enjoys a high recognition in Israel, as well as long term relationships with local and international top media artists, creators & studios.


Ron Assouline - Founder & President

Film director, screenwriter, creative director and producer with an extensive experience in the creating biblical dramas, advertising and branding campaigns spanning over more than three decades.

Creator of many museums and visitor centers, who orchestrated experiential centers around the world, but mainly in Israel, including The Journey to Jerusalem, a 100-episode series, presented at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, and A Human Sanctuary, a Second Temple drama film shown regularly at the Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum.

An expert in the management of political campaigns with a record of success in Israel and abroad including those for PM Benjamin Netanyahu's in 1996 and PM Ehud Barak's in 1999.

Winner of international and local awards. Graduated of film studies at the Faculty of Arts, Tel Aviv University and former lecturer at the School of Communications at The Reichman University in Herzliya.

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