Documentary films give us an opportunity to challenge reality, to look at it from a new perspective and try to memorialize the truth using exciting tools. Most of our documentary work present biographies of notable people and extraordinary historical events.

The Life & Work of Prof. Michael Blumenthal

To create a biography of the life and work of the distinguished eye surgeon Professor Michael Blumenthal, we dealt with countless sources he left behind - from diaries in which he recorded every day for seven decades, and thousands of hours of video documenting the his medical expertise and his fascinating life. The Mininoke method invented by Professor Blumenthal has taught hundreds of international ophthalmologists to perform cataract surgery with minimal means, anywhere in the world, without the need for expensive equipment or extensive knowledge. His invention has helped to restore the eyesight of hundreds of thousands of patients, especially the needy in the third world.

The Art of Frank Meisler

In the documentary of the artist Frank Meisler we focused on his late works, characterized by the proliferation of hidden and surprising elements, which we combined with his unique humorous perspective. "As a child who was driven out of his home in Germany and grew up in the midst of Chinese, Indian and Jewish refugees, you had to have a sense of humor". The opportunity to sculpt in precious metals is Meisler's opportunity to realize his human and comic perspective on reality.

The Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls 

The film about "The Hidden Scrolls" was commissioned by the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, as an integral part of any visit to the Shrine of the Book. It all began in the Judean Desert near the Dead Sea, when a Bedouin shepherd went looking for a stray sheep and came upon a dark and intriguing cave. So begins the story of the discovery of the Hidden Scrolls, preserving the ancient biblical manuscripts for centuries. In this film we explore the discovery and interpretation of the pieces of the scrolls that shed light on the culture and Jewish law during the Second Temple.

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